Glock and Delta Forces

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Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon hungarus » Di 13. Sep 2011, 15:14

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr!

The Army did drop the 1911 about 3 years ago for the Glock 22 rough texture frame which was “experimental” at the time. Glock really didn’t know if they were gonna go with it commercially at the time but since others in the community liked it, they put it on some Gen 4 guns.

There was a down select to the STI 2011 and Glock 22 in .40S&W. The 1911 were costing us way to much per gun to keep them running. Parts, labor, X-rays, you get the picture. Even when Kentucky (Lexington Depot) would build a gun, the unit gunsmiths would practically and literally rebuild the gun for the individual operator during the training course. There was a contract let years ago for a select manufacturer to make the frames and slides and several different parts and barrel manufacturers to make the internals. Much like the MEU/MARSOC pistols a while ago they just got to expensive.

And we changed the way we shoot. In training Army it was two in the chest and one in skull if needed. Now, if I give you 1 you are getting 2, if I give you 2 your are getting 5, if you get 5 then you get the rest of the mag. Plain and simple I am not going to let you get up and hurt one of my team mates.

And we will put all my shots right across your pelvis and then the shoulder girdle. I don’t care if you got a trauma team on hand, 5 shots across the pelvis and you ain’t getting up. The enemy is likely to wear some kind of armor now a days just as much as we are. 2 in a 3×5 card ain’t cutting it. So there are lots more ammo expended in training, which effects how well the guns hold up also.

We went through several different down selects for a double stack auto. The STI did not hold up to OTC and the students did not want to run their go-no go shooting test with a chance of failing. One Sabre SQDN got issued both guns and the guys selected to deploy with the Glocks to Iraq. So that ended the question. Now there is a cornucopia of 22′s, 23′s and 27′s across that command. We went from the 228 to the G-19/ G-26 and G-30′s.

And I understand the Navy has dropped the Sig and now gone to the HK (I want to say the) P-30 family in 9mm. I don’t know if they are going to the .40S&W? Air Force STS went to the G-22/23/27 and HK-416 cuz their Army partners did. Really all of JSOC is following what the Army Unit does. ... #more-8922
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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon Vintageologist » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 01:09

Soll vorkommen, dass Leute mit Glock herumlaufen... ;)

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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon quildor82 » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 06:52


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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon Musashi » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 07:26

Schreibt auch der Larry Vickers (Delta Veteran & 1911er BüMa):

How do I know if a 1911 is the right choice for me?

That is a tough question as I feel most people are best served NOT using a 1911 as a primary sidearm. Two criteria come to mind a) A passion for the 1911 platform and b) you are willing to be your own armorer and can fix relatively minor problems or fit certain parts yourself. If you are the kind of guy that doesn’t mind tinkering with your Harley Davidson motorcycle to keep it running then you are a candidate. If however you treat your pistols like we all treat our lawnmowers then don’t get a 1911 – use a Glock.

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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon Stickhead » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 07:48

Hach.. immer wenn ich wo eine Glock seh, denk ich mir "Der/die trägt gerade ein Stück Niederösterreich mit sich" :lol:
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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon Revierler » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 08:46

... und ein Stück Kärnten.
Wer seine Waffen zu Pflugscharen schmiedet, der wird für jene pflügen, die das nicht getan haben.


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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon raptor » Mi 14. Sep 2011, 12:05

Wohl eher ein Stück Georgia.
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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon TangoShooter » Fr 16. Sep 2011, 21:12

"Each operator was armed with personalized suppressed M-4 assault rifles and the sidearm of choice - M-1911 or Glock variant - all professionally tooled and pampered by the best gunsmiths in the world." Seite 10

"Delta sniper Dugan dismounted from the backseat with only his concealed Glock pistol for protection, [...]" Seite 144

Quelle: FURY, Dalton; Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man (St. Martin's Press, 2008)

Link zum Buch auf
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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon Laokoon » So 18. Sep 2011, 20:53

"Each operator was armed with personalized suppressed M-4 assault rifles and the sidearm of choice - M-1911 or Glock variant - all professionally tooled and pampered by the best gunsmiths in the world."

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Re: Glock and Delta Forces

Beitragvon alfacorse » Mo 19. Sep 2011, 21:17

...tja, die Amis haben halt selbstvertrauen!

Stell dir das Werbeplakat in Ö vor:

"Wir schicken unser Jagdkommando nur mit Waffen, die von den besten Waffenmeistern der Welt zusammengebaut wurden in den Einsatz" und im Hintergrund siehst einen dicken Fidschileutnant mit an tropfnassen (15W40 Teilsynthetik Motoröl) Fetzn, der grad a Glock zamsetzt (was ja wirklich jeder kann)!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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